Version 2.2#

Released 2023-01-13

  • Model:

    • Add LatticeSpinIce and TileLatticeSpinIce models

    • Improve LabelIndexer (model.L)

    • Fix KagomeRotated geometry for uneven sizes

  • Plotting:

    • New flatspin colormap! Greatly improved visibility on white background

    • Improve look and feel of vector plots. Increased default arrow size, use slightly wider shaft when arrows=False.

    • Set background on axis instead of fig (cmap=peem)

  • Command-line tools:

    • flatspin-run and flatspin-run-sweep: add –show-plot option

  • Documentation:

    • Add changelog under Reference

  • Miscellaneous:

    • Fix extent calculation for grid where spins don’t perfectly align

    • Bug fixes

Version 2.1#

Released 2022-11-08

  • Model:

    • Add plot_astroid() and plot_astroids()

    • Use new numpy RNG (avoid seeding np.random)

    • Add ability to change the positions and angles of a model object

  • Command-line tools:

    • flatspin-plot: add –dpi

    • Auto-crop when saving animations as single images

  • Miscellaneous:

    • Support latest version of numpy

    • Documentation improvements

    • Bug fixes

Version 2.0#

Released 2022-06-09

  • Model:

    • New thermal model based on Arrhenius-Néel equation

    • Add ability to set all spins to 1 or -1 with init parameter

    • Add labels argument to CustomSpinIce for custom labels

    • Allow CustomSpinIce to read spin labels from table

    • Add ground option to init for Kagome

    • Add KagomeSpinIceRotated

    • Add ability to change hc with set_hc()

    • Add ability to set hc from a grid

    • Add methods for dipolar, thermal and external energy

    • Experimental CUDA support

  • Documentation:

    • Brand new user guide and website!

  • Encoders:

    • Rework encoder module to allow user-defined encoders with flatspin-run

    • Add phase parameter to sin/triangle/rotate based encoders

    • Add repeat to Constant and ConstantGrid encoders

    • Encoder.get_params() now returns a flat dictionary

  • Datasets:

    • Add ability to filter datasets by list of values

    • Add git branch and commit to info.csv

    • Add support for functions in dataset filter

  • Command-line tools:

    • flatspin-vectors and flatspin-vertices:

      • Add dark mode

      • Add ability to disable grid

      • Add peem colormap: –cmap peemX where X is a float

      • Add option to disable –grid

      • Add –dpi option

    • flatspin-run and flatspin-run-sweep:

      • Add support for time-varying parameters

      • Add support for reading params_t from file

      • Add –params-file and –sweep-file

      • Disable progress bar when run non-interactively

      • Support N-dimensional input arrays

    • Support for lists in the -i parameter

    • Add –drop-duplicates argument

    • Add –version argument

  • Miscellaneous:

    • Improved vertex detection

    • Bug fixes

Version 1.0#

Released 2020-03-05

  • First public release.